Just wondering how many cows you can fit into a small passenger car? What if we told you can actually fit 3 cows into a small passenger car?

What if we told you this car can fit 3 cattles inside this car?

From the looks of it, these are adult cattles!

This Grand Theft Cattle incident occurred somewhere near some oil palm estate in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia, where three men put three cows into sedation using tranquilizer at about 1am. An eye witness saw these men struggling to stuff these cows into a Proton Wira (based on 1992 version of Mitsubishi Lancer). He alerted the authorities, and the smugglers was later found in a car with one driver and the other two on a motorcycle. Seeing the authorities are heading towards them, the driver left the car and get into the gateway motorcycle to escape.

They are saved! Perhaps a month more until the Ramadan ends

The villagers took approx 3 hours to free the dazed cows out of the car. Meanwhile police are on their man hunt on these suspects who was believed to be involved in a few cow-napped cases on that area. Right now the cattles has been saved thanks to the brave few, to live another day until perhaps next month when they most likely ended up as beef rendang or satay.


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