It’s been a while Malaysia entrepreneur great, Tony Fernandes, has bought over niche UK sports car manufacturer, Caterham. With an alliance signed between Caterham, Renault and famed France sports car brand, Alpine, has been signed, little known what are the future plans for this company from Surrey.

This may be not be the final rendering from Caterham. Credits from Autocar UK

Right now the British maker plans to release subcompact and sports crossover models to be destined for the Asian market in a bid to re-brand Caterham as a global car maker. One of these markets will be the rich Chinese market and Fernandes’s own home turf, Malaysia. Most interestingly of all is Caterham is also in collaboration with Renault Alpine to produce a sports car, aiming to fill up the gaps where rival, Lotus Cars, has left. Think this similarly with Toyota and Subaru’s recent success on the GT86/BRZ sports car and you get the picture here.

Engine options includes the 1.6-litre and 1.8-litre options, with rought est of 300BHP for the earlier one.Features from their F1 car has been bought over into the new car, so there are possibilities of a KERS system being fitted, although the inclusion of Pirelli tyres remained questionable.

Caterham’s 3000 units per annum only is targeting the Asian and Malaysian markets, more notably on their press release stated that this car will appeal to the professional female market. Caterham’s version, which will shares 70% of parts with their France counterparts, will be priced at £35,000 while the Renault Alpine will cost approx £50,000. The car is scheduled to be revealed in Geneva motor show in March 2014.

The new Caterham sports car is targeted for people in this picture

So if you are a hard working Malaysian woman, who has over RM160,000 and is looking for an attractive car which is not a Mini/Volks Beetle/Golf GTI, you may seriously want to consider this one. After the famous mantra from Fernandes’s Air Asia “Now Everyone can Fly”, perhaps “Now Everyone Can Race” should follow suit.


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