Ladies, does your partner drive an Audi? Then you have every reason to worry and better keep an close eye on your man. There’s a report from a dating website in the UK,, on a survey on cheating their partners by screwing around.

Ladies does your man owns this car? Better start hire a Private Detective now!

It is reported that a staggering 22 percent on that demographic have owned Audi’s. That replaced last year’s poll winner, BMW on the top stop while Mercedes took an honorable third while Volkswagen earned forth place. That shows that there a 1/3 possibility of men/woman who owns a German made car will cheat their spouses.

Either of them are Audi or BMW owners. True story

Funny enough, the cars that least likely to be driven by adulterous are Peugeot, Renault, Skoda and Hyundai. So for those looking for a marriage that last, consider your future partner own any of these cars.

The next time your spouses says “It’s just a guy/girls outing” on night while holding a key of a German made car, you have every reason to be very worried.


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