How you do declare your love to someone special? Apparently, this 10 year old girl was in love with Taiwanese pop star, Show Lou, in an extreme way. Not by crafting a special card like other 10 year olds can do, but by buying a car to him.

It was claimed that this maniac fan from China has been saving up her red packet money (ang pau) from Chinese New Year from the past, to buy a car worth worth RMB100,000 (app. USD 16,082) and plans to give it to Show during his concert that will be held in April. That price will buy you a decent Honda Jazz in the states.

When asked what she would do if Show refused the gift, the girl replied, “Then I will smash the car”, and even claimed that she will marry no one else but Show Luo when she’s grew up.

As for the man himself, Show Luo, who must be from his wealth may owned a number of super cars and expensive cars inhis garage, ha adviced this little girl to study harder and would reject this car.

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