The winter has drove off many motorsports events but that doesn’t mean people can’t have fun with their cars in snow. Check out some crazy action from rival energy drinks maker Monster and Red Bull which has stunts of their own for the winter.

The first one is from Red Bull as they took a 900 HP TORC truck races into the ski slopes. Red Bull driver Ricky Johnson, drove his truck into the snowy incline of Mount Snow into the path on the opposite of a skiing path. Imagine driving a snow rally stage on the incline direction of a skiing path and you get the whole picture.

The other one from Monster is even more impressive as their specially made Mini Countryman has performed the world’s first Backflip in a car in style. This stunt took driver, Frenchman Rally Raid world champion, Geulrian Chicherit, four years to get this stunt ready. Guess that 4 years of hard work earned his 15 seconds of fame.

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