What will happen when you driving a car that failed to stop? Then you may need to ask Frank Lecerf’s frightening experience. What happen was this French man was on his way for groceries in his Renault Laguna, adapted for disabled drivers, when the accelerator jammed at 100km/h and the brakes has failed. This means Frank was forced to drive like his on the Need of Speed Most wanted videogame when the car accelerated at a furious 200km/h.

This is what Frank’s vision when his Laguna went out of control!

This could be the car model which caused this furore

That won’t take long until the police gave him a chase after Frank called the emergency services that his runway car is on a loose. Seeing there is no way to stop the car, they have to wait until the car ran out of petrol. That is after 200 km of dodging the traffic on the highway, crossing Belgium, passing toll barriers, police sirens screaming on the back and fears of crashing the car, the car finally ran out of petrol, swerving the car into a ditch in Alveringem in Belgium.

The whole 200 km journey of hell

The last thing we heard that the shaken driver is planning to file a legal complaint over “endangerment of a person’s life”.

[SOURCE: Guardian UK]

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