Picture a Japanese sports car with blue and white and you will get the Nissan Skyline GTR R32 in Calsonic racing livery. This brute racing machine from Nissan has conquered many motor sports it participated, from the Japan Grand Touring Championship (now know as the Super GT), Bathust 24 hours and many GT racers around the world. It was the performance and the speed of this machine that put competition into submission, which gained it’s infamous nickname “Godzilla”. Perhaps the most iconic of all is the one with Calsonic livery, the machine we can seen in JGTC.

The famed journalist from Evo UK, Richard Meaden, drove the blue and white Godzilla in the track and the car amazed him. To find out more, check the video below. You will be mesmerized by the brute power from a Japanese muscle car of the 90st.

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