The Porsche 911 is one of the best designed super cars in the world. However regardless how well a car is designed, should it collide with any force of nature, it is best not to bet against it. Like in this case here, in the wee hours of Saturday, on the roads on Penang Island, Malaysia, a Porsche 911 was involved in a horrific collision with a tree, leaving the female passenger dead while the male driver in critical condition.

The Porsche was believed to be speeding when the driver lost control of the car and eventually crashed into a tree. The crash was so severe, the 24 year old female passenger who is a realtor, died on the spot, and took approximately 1 hour for the firemen to extract the body out from the wreckage. The driver is still warded in ICU unit.

From the images gathered here we can see even a well engineered car from Stuttgart, Germany, could not save lives when the car is driven dangerously. Let these images be a lesson for all to never drink and drive.

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