One of the highlights for motorsports fan is the annual Macau Grand Prix. Held on the tight street roads of Macau, with fascinating coastal scenery and casinos around, think it as the Monaco of the East and you get the idea. Unlike Monaco GP, the road sections on the Guia circuit is much longer and tigther as well. Unlike Monaco also, the crashes are much spectacular and that leads to more fatalities ever since. On this year’s 59th edition, it has been marred by two unfortunate events.

There will be a number of racers held during the Macau GP last weekend, from superbikes, Formula 3 single seater, World Touring Car Championship, local touring car series, GT races and so on. The first fatality of the week reported during th qualifying session for the superbikes race, when 35-year-old Carreira from Lisbon Portugal crashed yesterday afternoon at 3.58pm at the Fisherman’s Ben order. He was bought into the hospital but he scummed into his injuries moments later. It is the first fatality in seven years as reported.

The video of the crashes is as below:

The following day, during the qualifying race for CTM Macau Touring Car Cup, veteran touring car driver from Hong Kong, Phillip Yau Wing-choi, crashed heavily on the left corner of Mandarin Bend on the Chevrolet Cruze car. Similiarly, rescuers managed to bring the victim out of the wreckage but he scummed into his injuries while in the hospital. From the video the crash doesn’t seem serious but it looked like the driver has absorbed all the damage.

The races in Macau GP did go on despite the fatal crashes. RIP to the departed.

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