Ever wonder how does it feel to drive a rally car in a tight and twisty forest stage in break necking speeds? Apparently apart of 4WD, 300HP or so and good navigator, you also need balls of steel to drive one. Rally cars like the Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Imprezza and many more from the World Rally Championship (WRC) hardly go above 200km/h due to challenging surfaces. Due note that driving fast in very tight forest roads requires skills, as one little error will make your car to kiss the tree which will usually end in dire consequences.

Take a look on this video below where a Mitsubishi EVO IX R4 racer driven by Beppo Harrach at the Waldviertel Rallye in Austria. The 2011 Austrian Rally champion managed to speed up to 200km/h in a very tight forest stage which is simply amazing to watch.

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