Has Nissan has created a practical Godzilla? Imagine a supercar killer which you can drive with you wife, kids, in laws and even your dog sitting comfortably while you smoking the Porsche 911 and putting Ferrari drivers into misery? Apparently, there one in the form of Nissan Skyline GTR Stagea M35. It’s also called as the ‘StaGT-R’ in Japan.

Hang on, we did mention the word “Stagea”. The Nissan Stagea was a station wagon build from the Nissan Skyline platform, something like the Toyota Caldina GT-4. Apparently there has been plenty of previous generation of GT-R’s head was swapped into the front of the Nissan Stagea and this is the first one featuring the new GTR. Indeed it does look fabulous.

While this StaGT-R does have the infamous 3.8L VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 engine, it’s default engine of VQ35DE engine (V6 3.5L NA) producing a decent 270HP which is good enough to outpower many hot hatches but don’t ever think of challenging any super cars.

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