For the fans of the brilliant but admittedly underpowered sports car, here are some good news for you all! The Toyobaru coupe has gained critical acclaim, more so on the ride and handling department but many wished the engine can produce more power otherwise it can be smoked by a grandmother on a new Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 if not careful. Toyota has plans to introduce a supercharger for the GT86 but that is only an aftermarket option.

Subaru BRZ + Iron Snail = WIN!

Subaru meanwhile has other plans. Famously made a number of turbocharged 2.0 boxer engines to power the Imprezza for many years, this time they decided to make the BRZ force induction-ed for the STI edition. The 2.0 Boxer engine this time will include a single twin-scroll turbocharger and straight direct-injection developed internally.

With a turbocharger, this could generate 280 hp and 250-plus pounds-feet of torque. Although a mere modest boost of 80HP but should be good enough to outperform many hot hatches in the market. But you never know with more further aftermarket assistance, we can easily see a 500HP BRZ or GT86 around in the coming years.

As per the words of Jean Luc Picard, make it happen…….

[SOURCE: Autonews]

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