Apparently Batman has given up his 1000HP rocket powered and heavily armored Batmobile and settled for a rather conventional car that makes him more connected to the regular Joe like us. Not sure if the recent high price of gas has impacted this multi billionaire playboy or his mind seduced by a hot woman who is a tree huger, Batman has now settled for a KIA saloon car.

Well, before you proceed to burn all your Batman’s comic books or collectibles, fear not. This is merely a PR exercise by KIA Motors America and DC Comics, hence introducing the special edition Batmobile-themed Optima SX, the first of many vehicles designed in partnership with DC Comics. The car, designed by famous legendary comic artist, Jim Lee, is the part of the campaign “We Can Be Heroes”, which aims to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa. This will be the first super hero themed car from KIA and very soon we might see “inspired” editions of Super Man, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and many more in KIA vehicles.

The vehicle is currently on display in New York City’s Time Warner Center. Or perhaps if you are in Gotham City and bumped into the dark knight himself, please convince him to throw this “Bad Mobile” away.

Perhaps this was Robin’s idea afterall.

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