Remember Ken Block’s unique Ford Fiesta, the H.F.H.V (Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle)? In which Block’s Fiesta can change configurations from rally racing to gymkhana mode or rally cross. All these racing disciplines requires different set of engine setup, suspension configurations and so on. However Block’s H.F.H.V can participate in all three events using a single chassis. We shared the video introducing the H.F.H.V sometime last year but the new video here shows how Block’s crew converts from a gravel swerving rally spec car into a ramp jumping rally cross car.

Fresh from his Rally Oymplus victory in the United States, the crew needs to convert the car to rallycross specs for the upcoming fifth round of Global Rally cross in Las Vegas. This means the crew swapped the entire powertrain to empower the car from 300HP to double that capacity. Different side vents and vented liftgated were also fitted, together with uprated suspension settings, bigger brakes and bigger wheels. All after three days in the garage, the vehicle is ready for Block’s rally cross event.

While most racers will rather settle for another separate car for various events, Block’s choice is rather unorthodox but still brilliant. Watch this amazing video here.

[SOURCE: Ford Racing]

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