For those craving for hot hybrid hatch, look no further other than the Honda CR-Z. However if the stock 125PS is not enough for you (some claimed a Perodua Myvi 1.5 can smoke an CR-Z on straights) then Mugen has the solution for you! This famous tuner for Honda has unleashed a supercharged CR-Z capable of producing 156PS.

No much details we gathered on this car but expect parts from the Mugen parts bin like suspension, rims, brakes and many more were gathered to build this car, with some special fine tuning from the skillful boffins from Mugen.

The bad news is this 4.5 million yen car will have a limited units of 300 only and by the time it is launched by 26 Nov 2012 it should be sold out pretty fast. Still if there chance, grab it fast in Japan before it is too late!

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