This is a Nissan Silvia S15, or is it? If you look closely, you will notice that this is a four door version of Silvia S15. No, it is not by Nissan, in fact what’s inside this really special Silvia is actually a Proton Wira sedan. Doesn’t sound that appealing anymore uh?

Proton Wira is a Malaysian made car by Proton released in year 1993, also known as Proton 416 or 400 series in various European Market. It is actually based on the Mitsubishi Lancer platform. So can also be Nissan Lancer S15. You can call it whatever you want really.

The owner converted his old Proton Wira to a Nissan Silvia S15 and the car is believed to be from the southern state of Malaysia, Johor. Unfortunately, we do not have any info on its specifications.

Why don’t you guys come out with a name for this car? Give your best shot!

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