Have you ever heard of these Russian jokes which starts like “In Soviet Russia, ______ is (bigger, smaller, faster or any other noun)”? Well apparently in this case, in Soviet Russia, the lorry saves you. True story.

What happened here was a big freight lorry was on the highway driving when another lorry on the front has turned stationary at sudden. This prompted the mentioned lorry to engage emergency brake and steer into the opposite lane, which another blue lorry was traveling and was going on collision course. That poor blue lorry unavoidably collided with that swaying lorry and the driver flew out from the driver’s seat, but with style. The lorry driver has miraculously survived the ordeal without any injuries and acted as nothing has happened. It wasn’t sure if the driver did put the safety belts on too as well.

Watch this amazing but scary video. Whether is luck or not, this lorry driver in blue and white stripes really survived like a boss.

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