So what do you get if David meets Goliath? Or Gozilla meets Pokemon to the fight to the death? Well apparently this happens on the roads of Malaysia when the Nissan GTR met with the unfortunate learner’s car, with disastrous consequences.

What happened was the Perodua Kancil (the rebadged version of the older generation of Daihatsu Mira) which were widely used as learner’s car in Malaysia must have conducting driver’s lesson when the poor learner driver must have not noticed the speeding GTR and ended up colliding to each other. The poor leaner’s driver must have got a big shock of his life when the collision resulted on the Kancil flipped and turned turtle. The GTR has just have moderate damage on the front bumpers and front left suspension, which can be fixed easily at any specialist workshops on Sunway.

While the good news was nobody was seriously injured in this accident, we were not sure who’s at fault here, but we can feel the trauma that poor learner’s driver has to endure. Not to mention we can feel the GTR’s driver repair bills too.

[SOURCE: Carscoop]

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