Ferrari UK has written into the record books, beaten the previous record holder in Japan when last weekend they gathered 964 Ferrari owners from the UK into the classic Silverstone circuit in the UK. Ferrari UK has formerly held the record for the first time in 2007 with 385 cars in Silverstone, only to be beaten by their counterparts from Japan, with 490 prancing horses lapped the Suzuka circuit in 2008.

With this amazing feat of a almost a thousand of Ferraris in one single location this record will be there for quite some time. With Ferrari’s F1 driver Felipe Massa took honors to drive the 964 entourage of exotic Italian machines to lap a single lap on the track. Ranging from the Ferrari 458, F430 Scuderia, Enzo, F40 and many more classic Ferraris is an amazing feat and was certified by the Guinness World of Records as the world’s Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars.

Over $162 million worth of sports cars with a combined horsepower of 493,150HP and 5000 litters of displacement can be seen in this video below. Amazing stuff and must be seen by every Ferrari fans here.


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