Two girls, one Dacia Sandero and one parking slot somewhere in Russia. The woman driver just need to exit the car nicely so they can go somewhere else to have fun. So how hard can be it?

Somehow the woman driver has difficulty exiting the car out from the spot, so the lady passenger exited the car to assist her friend. However, things turned into disaster when the driver stepped the accelerator akin she playing the “Daytona” arcade game, then knocking her poor friend down and bumped into another car.

The best part is the driver drove off from the scene, as if nothing has happened. The fate of her friend is unknown, but provided if she survives she will indefinety deleted her useless friend from her phone number and Facebook account.

Hit the video below to check what supposed to be the worst parking job ever! Best played with the song “That’s what friends are for” by Dionne Warwick.

This woman driver deserves another “legendary” Picard Facepalm as well.

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