On what supposed to be the most eye opening loyalty program ever seen was found in the area of Sunway Mentari, nearby Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What appears to be an ordinary car wash shop has turned something radical in order to attract customers. They offered a rather ridiculous loyalty package that if you have washed your car for 9 times and received 9 stamps, in your 10th visit, you will be eligible for one free sex session with some Vietnamese prostitutes!

Well this picture is just for illustration purposes only

Those customers without cars or couldn’t wait for 9 car wash session could pay between 130 and 180 Malaysian ringgit ($42 and $58) for immediate “sessions”.

Business has been booming for the past three months. However, this has come into the end when the authorities has raided the massage parlor nearby, which revealed the whole car wash scheme after the loyalty cards were found from some customers. This means the whole car wash and massage parlor has been put out of business, and the people involved has been bought into custody by the authorities.

Creative idea to drive business on tough times, even though it is via illegal ways. But having to allow a only certain “race” to enter the premise and eligible to these “extra” services as believed by the authorities, is seriously uncool.

[SOURCE:Malay Mail]

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