Great News! Especially for those Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) lovers! Previously we shared news on the death of the rotary engines and the unknown status of the Nissan GTR. Well, this piece of news has put may JDM’s fans fears into rest as we received news that these two iconic Japanese icons are here to stay!

The next generation of GTR will be out by 2018

First, on the Nissan GTR in which the last time we heard Nissan CEO and automotive great Carlos Ghosn has yet to approve it. Originally Nissan planned to launch the next generation of GTR by 2015, but when chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno left the company due to health concerns, the project was in hiatus. The good news now is Mizuno-san has now returned to Nissan, and the work has commerce for the next generation of GTR, which is stated to be launch by 2018. So for the time being,we will expect annual launches of special limited editions of the GTR, possibly with much powerful upgrades that may eat Porsche in Nurburgring lap times. Will the new GTR in 2018 could either carry a battery pack remains a question as well.

The rotary is not dead, yet!

On the Mazda, it looks like Mazda has provided cheers to rotary engine fans. Mazda boss Takashi Yamanouchi has confirmed the company’s commitment to the rotary engine, as stated on the recent Moscow motor show. Yamanouchi-san has also hinted that the rotary could marry together with a range extender (cough, hybrid) in order to counter the drawbacks of the hybrid, although it is still under research.

So with news of the new RX-7 in development and possibly we will see a hybrid rotary powered car, it will remain interesting to see if a small but powerful engine can be environmental friendly and frugal too. 1.3cc rottary engine with a fuel consumption of a typical 1.3cc car could be a interesting possibility we can think off.

So, joy to all JDM fans?

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