Last weekend’s Formula One race at the iconic circuit of Spa Francorchamps, Belgium, saw top Ferrari F1 driver, Fernando Alonso involved in a major crash on the first lap of the Belgium GP, causing the F1 leading driver to be out of the race. However, Alonso’s dramatic crash is nothing compared to this crash happened during the F1 weekend nearby Spa Francorchamps.

A day before the main race, after all racing activities completed, a 63 year old driver with a 15 year old passenger was believed to have left the circuit to go for a spin. Somehow, it went badly when the speeding Ferrari F430 lost control on the E42 motorway. The Ferrari slammed into the central concrete road barrier, resulting in the cockpit split into two pieces. In the pictures we can see, there were obviously no survivors.

It is believed to be the worst crash ever seen as claimed by GTSpirit and there’s no deny on that. Our condolences to the victims.


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