Passion overcomes everything including money and wealth, as shown in this piece of news. In China, one farmer by the name of Wang Jian, worked at a garage for more than a decade. His labor of love, based on the second hand Nissan, with some scrap metal he gathered has resulted with the replica of Lamborghini Reventon.

While the Reventon, a limited edition and seriously expensive car at almost 1 million pounds or so when it was launched in UK, this replica only costs 60,000 RMB (or USD9,450). It may not able to reach speeds up to 300kmh as how the Reventon does. Just don’t expect to find any iconic Italian leather as the car’s interior is as spartan as a toy car. Well unless someone from China is willing to sponsor him some.

We give him an astounding “A” for the effort this chap has put in, but for the final result, judge it by yourself. I ain’t wanna break this man’s heart. Here’s a video of his masterpiece!

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