Do you own a 2002 – 2008 pre-facelift Nissan 350Z? Are you getting bored looking at it? Well, don’t sell it just yet! Why not turn it into a Ferrari California?

A German replica-car builder and parts supplier named FGP has designed a new kit for bored Nissan 350Z owners. If you are one of them, you can ‘convert’ your 350Z into a Ferrari California! This kit is said to be designed for non-mechanic and just anyone can do it! Conversion takes only a week including paint job.

This kit is priced at €6,499 (RM25,500), excluding lights. FGP offers wheels, lights and interior kit as well. No price tag provided though.

So, if you are bored and have that kind of money to spend, would you transform your 350Z into Ferrari California? Japanese on the inside, Italian on the outside? Really?

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