If you are living in a bustling and rapidly developing city, you are probably living in a high-rise home. Parking your vehicle will be a hassle; basement, tight parking space, stuffy and sometimes dodgy. And if you are driving a supercar or even a hypercar, you might not even want to part with your car, leaving her in the basement. What you are about to see now, is probably every car enthusiast’s dream. A luxury high-rise apartment Hamilton Scotts in Singapore now offers a “Sky Garage” for every apartment unit. You can now park your car in your living room!

This “Sky Garage Apartments” on Scotts Road has 2 elevators, one for the owners and one for their vehicles. The owner would just have to drive into a special garage in basement, verify himself through a biometric security system, and the evevator will send his car right up into his living room. How awesome is that!

So how much does it cost? This brilliant little proterty starts from US$7.5million for a two-car garage home. And if you need 4 parking bays for your super/hyper cars, US$24 million for a penthouse. Pretty pricey, but your supercars will not be swimming in St. Regis Residences, Ochard Road. That’s for sure.

If you can’t afford one of these apartments? Standing outside this high-rise and watching the cars go all the way up is good enough. Yes, you can see the elevator sending the cars up and down!

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