Yup, you’ve read it right. Topless model in a Toyota ad. (Not Safe For Work!) The Japanese automaker released an ad for its brand new 2012 Toyota Auris hatchback using a topless model as part of the act. Before you read any further, let’s watch the ad below.

Well? Very much topless but not quite as you expected. (Not Safe For Work!) I bet none of you all were looking at the car. The androgynous model in the ad is 19-year-old Ukrainian Stav Strashko. He had modeled women’s clothing before and often got mistaken as a female. Well, clearly!

As he ‘reveals’ himself in front of the camera, the screens captions “Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone”. Not for everyone indeed. I guess Toyota has achieved what it wants for it ad, which is, SHOCKING!

(Sorry for the disappointment. To be fair, we only mentioned ‘topless model’, you sexist! :P)

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