If you not sure who is Toronto Batman, then there is no worries. Some joker from Canada I presume, has taken the Batman suit from Christopher Nolan’s Batman set and fooling around as Batman on the Internet. With description quoted like this “I am here to protect those that live in fear. To stop madness in Toronto but also do the Bale voice And to take pictures and videos with you for tips when on a street corner. MY PARENTS ARE DEAD”, you know there nothing serious is needed when dealing with this fella.

SWEAR TO ME! The Hyundai i30 rocks!

Now one of his recent antics is he did a car review in the UK, in which he bumped into some online car review show and checks if he loves the Hyundai i30 diesel hatchback. Just bear with Toronto Batman’s Bale voice and constant taunting of “Swear to Me!” and “My Parents are dead” and you will enjoy this hilarious video. Just not too sure if he will replaces the Thumber with the Hyundai i30 hatchback. On black and with two cup holders of cause. Perhaps also better voice system that plays the CD too.

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