Last weekend’s NASCAR race in Michigan was a frightening one and a close shave for this driver Mark Martin. The NASCAR veteran of 49 years old, was dominating after starting from pole position when another back marker ahead of him, lost control of his car. This has prompted Martin to steer his Toyota Camry out of the track and towards the pit wall, where the car hit with the pit’s barrier before became stationary.

He is 49, and has been racing NASCAR for twenty years!

The crash may look unspectacular but if you look closely in this video, Martin must be thanking his lucky stars as the barrier have missed the driver’s cockpit by mere inches. The barrier penetrated the rear passenger side, which is merely a few inches away from the driver. Hitting the driver’s side means the barrier might slice the poor driver, which may lead to serious injuries or even fatality.

The crash doesn’t look dramatic, wait until you check the replays

Apart from escaping serious injuries, he was rescued in the nick of time when the fire broke out after the crash. Hit the video below to see why Martin was the luckiest man on that race.

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