The Pikes Peak 2012 has just ended and this famous hill climb event separates between good drivers and very good ones. As much as electricfying this event is, this is also one of the world’s most dangerous races in the world. One wrong move can separate between victory and death, just as this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 driver has found out.

Oh shit!

In this crash, driver Jeremy Foley and co driver was negotiating a sharp left turn, only to lose momentum, prompting the car to fall down into the slope, rolling off at least 10 times or so. This result into a horrifying crash which ripped off the Evo 8 into unrecognizable form. Miraculously, both driver and co driver survived the ordeal and was rescued and taken into the hospital. They both in stable condition apart of some injuries.

Here’s the video on the horrfying crash, and it is not for the faint hearted. This show the importance of having a decent roll cage which separates life and death.

Here’s another angle of the crash

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