There are plenty of interesting cars on sale on eBay and we have covered a few eye popping ones over here. But this recent one is an example of perhaps someone who is disposing his failed car modification project. What this owner from UK did to his 1998 Peugeot 406 Coupe is to convert into a replica of the Ferrari F430. What I can assure is this car has failed in epic proportions.

From the images, you can see this is indeed a poorly made replica. The carbon fibre wrap on this car looked like an kids art project that got “D” grade. The tyres and suspension were a complete mismatch, akin putting Roger Federer into playing table tennis. But the good news is the steering can be retractable. However no performance upgrades has been made and don’t be surprised this car will be smoked by taxis or grannies in small hatchbacks in traffic light drags.

The famous mid engine from the Ferrari F430 which is visible on the middle was sadly covered by badly patched carbon fibre, possibility to hide the faces of the passengers who do not want to be seen in this hideous car. The custom made seats with Ferrari emblem looked like it was stolen from wreaked sport cars from the junkyard.

The only similarity between the Ferrari F430 and the Peugeot 406 is that it is designed by Pininfarina, and that’s all. With the pricing of £7,500, or about US$11,740 or €9,500, our advice is to save the money and buy more Ferrari aftershaves or Ferrari bath towel. Those items are more worthy than this crap. A worthy 4 facepalms ratings out of 5.


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