SEPANG. Due to the recent phenomenon of drivers attempting to fly into the sky by driving at neck breaking speed in their Toyota Vios, the Malaysian Air Transport Initiative (MATI) has urged the Malaysian government to ban all Toyota Vios cars in Malaysian public roads. The chairman of MATI, Datuk Ahmad Terbang who is also the founder of this organization, has raised concern following images of a few Toyota Vios landed on the hill slops in a few Malaysian highways, which were widely circulated on the Internet.

“This is unacceptable and dangerous. I have worked 10 years with my good old friend Tony, to create an award winning low cost airline from scratch so now everyone can fly. But with these irresponsible people attempted to speed up in their Toyota Vios so they don’t need to take airplanes to go places. This is madness and endangering lives”, said the concerned Datuk Ahmad, who is also one of Air Asia’s executives.

One of the recent examples of flying Vios which recently crashed landed

One experienced mechanic from Sunway, who declined to be named, has also claimed that the reason behind this phenomenon is sometimes unavoidable to the drivers, as victims found out that out of the sudden, their Toyota Vios will deploy a GT wing, and the 1.5cc VVTI engine will unleash additional 1000cc which strangely empowers the Vios from a mere 100HP car into a Buggati beater 1000HP engine. All these are unleashed when the car stereo is playing some of Sammi Cheng’s disco tune.

Somesay this car will release a GT wing with 1000HP power unleashed when a Sammi Cheng disco tune was played in the stereo

So far there have been cases exposed on the Internet where the Vios landed on hillslopes where luckily there was no casualty. Unfortunately there are already cases where it ended tragically. A woman in Johor who is just returned from the market was driving her Toyota Vios as normal when her car radio were playing the Sammi Cheng’s disco tune. All of the sudden, her car sped and flew into the skies of Singapore. The poor woman couldn’t stop the flying Vios and that leaves the Singapore Air Force’s F-16 no choice but to shoot the flying Vios for trespassing their airspace, killing the mother of 3 children and her husband who is believed to form an all new Anti Sammi Cheng club in Johor. This has also left the two nations in diplomatic hot soup.

As when this piece is written, ex Hong Kong Diva Sammi Cheng, couldn’t be reached for further comments. The song below is believed to be the one that converts a Vios into a airplane.

NOTE: If you are driving a Toyota Vios, do not be alarmed. This is just a rant for Humourville. There’s no such thing as Malaysian Air Transport Initiative (MATI) or Datuk Ahmad Terbang. But do take caution as Sammi Cheng’s 90’s techno dance tune might severely affect your driving style. =P

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