It appears that Initial D, the popular anime series that spark the Toyota AE86 into one of the world’s most worshipped car, will be back for the new series. This is revealed on the most recent manga chapter from Initial D’s manga creator, Shuichi Shigeno that a new Initial D anime series is in development, and more details on the new series will be notified on next issue.

Well this might going to happen!

It has been almost 17 years since Initial D manga series has started, featuring sideway drifting actions and adventures in Japan mountain passes by the series hero, Takumi Fujiwara on his father’s Toyota AE86 car. With numerous anime series, movies (both animation and the live action movie), and video games, the manga series has yet to reach its end. However as there are no details on the new animation series, whether to continue where the last animation series, Stage 4, has left like almost 6 years ago and covering the manga chapters which wasn’t adapted in the animation series.

More interestingly with the introduction of the spiritual successor of the AE86, the Toyota 86, will the creators decide to reboot the story? Perhaps Takumi will drive the new 86 instead of the AE86, fighting against newer machines like the Nissan GTR, Subaru WRX, Honda CR-Z and so on? For sure it will be much interesting to watch, but it might upset many fans of the original. Also, I doubt if the new 86 can fit tofus in the boot, unless if the creators decided to change the story, just like any typical comics/movie/super heroes reboot.

Until then, here is the video complication of the Initial D anime series just for old time sake. 90’s Eurobeat tune has never got off from our minds, yet.

[SOURCE: Tokyo Hive]

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