There are reports saying the successor for the ever successful Nissan’s flagship car, the Nissan GTR, has not been approved by current Nissan-Renault CEO, Carlos Ghosn.

This is mainly speculation as what sources claimed “Ghosn approved the original GT-R only after being assured that it would make money for the company even at low volumes.” Well it is unfair to compare sales of a supercar/sports car to a normal mainstream Nissan car like the March or Juke, it’s like comparing sales of Ferrari aftershaves with the Ferrari 458 Italia.

The current GTR sold is priced cheaper than the other supercars it can defeat such as Audi, Porsche and Ferrari which is twice pricier than the GTR. Over the years when the annual revised GTR was launched, the engine specs became more powerful but the pricing went up as well.

There are various possibilities, which include the next generation GTR might be an Infiniti badged car. Just like how Toyota markets their halo supercar, the LF-A, to Lexus, Ghosn might want to take this similar tactic to promote the ever growing brand of Infiniti.

Seriously, what is Nissan thinking?? With Toyota back on the sports car grove with the upcoming Supra, and Honda is crafting the next generation of the NSX, this is seriously unacceptable if the legendary GTR is discontinued. Right now, all are just speculations and we shall update if there are any developments. Hopefully positive developments.

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