Earlier this year we shared a news that there will be two hybrid car entries for the 2012 season of the Super GT series. The Toyota Prius via the apr team has been revealed first but so far results is far from spectacular. Now, Honda, debuting their GT300 entry by unleashing their sports hybrid car, the Honda CR-Z and scheduled to debut in their first race in Round 4 in Sugo, Japan on July 29th. The car will be handled by Honda’s own famed tuner, Team Mugen, and just completed the first shakedown test on July 4th 2012.

There are here to prove Hybrids aren’t boring!

Hideki Mutoh and Daisuke Nakajima were named as the drivers for the single car entry for Team Mugen. The sports hybrid will be powered by the mid mounted HR28TT engine (2.8L V6 Twin turbo) generating 300HP as required by the GT300 specifications.Technically it is still an hybrid as a small 35kW motor powers the car. Like any other hybrids, there is a battery placed beside the driver’s seat. The car is an collaboration between Honda and Le Mans chassis specialist builder, Zytek.

The Battery compartment can be found beside the driver’s seat

The Mid Mounted engine with twin turbocharger!

Will this machine can rake victories in the SuperGT

Here the video showing the shakedown of the new CR-Z GT300 machine

We will able to see how the CR-Z fares in the Super GT race in Round 4 which will be held on July 29th.

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