I’m always a great fan of C-segment sedans, they are decently sized, has good refinement and reasonable amount of safety features. Honda Civic is one of them, mostly because it has design which is sporty enough to appeal to the younger generation (and of course the young-at-hearts). For the technical specification regarding the 2012 Civic, please visit this link for more info.

The Civic above is the 2.0S with 17-inch alloy wheel while the Civic below is the 1.8S with 16-inch alloy wheel. After checking out the Civic in person, I would say that the design is contemporary and yet still sporty enough to appeal to youngster. Most of us (including me) has commented that the car doesn’t look as awesome as the predecessor, but after a quick glance today I would say that the 2012 Civic is beautiful in its own way. Not as sporty, but still sharply styled.

I can’t say the same for the rear. I love how the bumper and taillights are shaped, but the aftermarket-like light clusters on the bootlid seriously has to go.

My experience with the outgoing Civic’s cabin doesn’t went quite well. The previous Civic has dreadful plastic around the cabin. Luckily, this has improved in the 2012 Civic. Although it’s still not on par compared to the likes such as Altis and Jetta, the Civic has padded door panels, nicely patterned dashboard, buttons felt nice and gave good tactile feedback when pressed. Certainly felt more upmarket in this Civic than in its predecessor. But I still prefer the more roundish dashboard of the previous Civic, especially the upper part of the dashboard. This is a bit too bulky for me.

Where did the space-saving handbrake found in the previous Civic went? This conventional looking design certainly has taken some usable around the gear lever.

Different colour tone for the 1.8S. The Civic Hybrid has same colour for its cabin, but it comes with leather seats while the 1.8S make do with fabric.

The intelligent-Multi Informational Display (i-MID) and instrument panel will light up once you opened the door on the hybrid, cool!

The battery did not took as much space in the boot as I expected… The Civic Hybrid still have a decent sized boot!

Overall, the Civic has improved compared to its predecessor based on first look. Go and check it out in person before making up your mind that it’s a car to be left out from your option list!

Written by Simon Har

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