Race car drivers are a special breed of humans. They require lighting fast reflexes that determines winning or losing, or even death. Those in Formula One and any single seater race cars has the reflex of a super human, hence deserve some mentioning. Like this young chap, British driver and fast rising star, Dino Zamparelli, who is racing in the Formula Two series.

What happened was during the wet Formula 2 race on Belgium’s legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit. After passing the Eau Rouge section, Dino was on cruising speed on a wet track where visibility was tricky at best. All of the sudden, the race cars in front of him stopped, causing a traffic jam on the section where Dino was speeding. The amazing reaction from Dino managed to steer away from the car in front of him and slight drifts out of the way on to the grass, passed two more and then cleanly brings his car under control back on the very wet track to rejoin the race.

The video can be seen as below:

Narrowly missed the cars, drifted sideways, overtook two cars and rejoin the race with no harm, all in 5 seconds.

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