Looks like Lamborghini, feels like Lamborghini, but it is not the Italian bull. Sounds confusing? Only in China where some Chinese will able to sell to you a replica Lamborghini Murcielago. Lamborghinis are insanely expensive in the fast rising market in China with cars ranging from USD500,000 – USD 1 million. However, this replica of the Murcielago SV can be yours for a mere USD 66,000! That is almost one tenth from the cheapest Lamborghini can be bought in China, in which such money can only bring you home a set of Lamborghini original rims.

So what’s the catch? Well, apart from the body shape, the engine, performance, and the ride of the raging bull is sadly no where to be found in this cheap replica. The V12 engine which is a symbol for Lamborghini’s signature supercars, has been downgraded to a 2.2L Toyota 3S engine, producing a mere 160-200HP. Performance figures aren’t great as well, this Toyota powered car will take you 9 seconds from 0-100kmh and top speed of 200kmh, which is a far cry from the original Murcielago SV.

Disappointing specs aside, this is the answer to the Chinese in which fame and ego overcomes all in this fast growing economy. From the pictures, the replica does look almost the same with the original from the outside. This is the answer for the Chinese who wants to show off their pride and power despite they could only afford the rims of the original Lamborghini car which is almost similar cost with this replica. While they manage to fool many in the exterior, they just make sure they need to drive much slowly and not to race even their taxi drivers.

Seriously these Chinese people should listen to the wise words from Boromir;

[SOURCE: Car News China]

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