Two weeks ago, Top Gear completed the world’s first double loop in a car. Now, Hot Wheel built a different but BIGGER double loop. How big? 66-foot-tall double track loop! This toy company Hot Wheels has been going around building life size tracks to entertain us all and break world records. Last year, it was Tanner Foust setting a world record jump at Indianapolis 500 and this time, he’s back to create more.

Team Hot Wheels drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy set a Guinness World Record at the X Games, driving around the 60 feet in diameter loop at 84 km per hour pulling 7Gs while they were at it. This ramp is different from Top Gear’s as the tracks put two drivers side by side before funneling them together onto the same track.

Enjoy the videos below! They looked just like our Hot Wheels toys! If you watch closely, Tanner Foust almost missed the ramp after the jump. Or he timed it for entertainment sake? Hmm..

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