The “Hagwalah” culture in the Arab world, which means driving and drifting recklessly in the streets for the shake of wild thrill and joy by some maniacal Arabs, has gained widespread attention. Apparently the Saudi government is not happy with this and therefore unleash a way to control the “Hagwalah” culture. That is by unleashing capital punishment and recently, a Saudi man in his 30’s known as Mutannish, has been sentenced to death for killing two onlookers during one of his stunts drifting recklessly on public roads.

Yes, they are crazy!

The interesting part is, in order to scare the Arabs from tempting to join the “Hagwalah”, an ancient yet brutal punishment has been introduced and that person who widely known in Arab as “he who ignores” will be beheaded by a sword. The Saudi authorities are now treating these deaths caused by Hagwalah as negligent homicides, according to Reuters.

This might be the sword to behead Mutannish!

You can check as there are plenty of videos on Youtube showing the crazy and irresponsible Arabs in the “Hagwalah”, where they drove and drift in various of cars which is not well known for drifting like the Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Honda Accord and even busses! There are times they drive and drift on the opposite side of the busy traffic and worse, there a video showing the Arabs were shooting AK-47 on the sky while performing sideways in a busy street. Of cause, this caused many to die or injure by all these shenanigans, such as this infamous and horrific video here.

Will capital punishment stop this Camry from drifting in the roads in Saudi Arab?

It is now interesting to see if this deters the Arabs from the “Hagwalah” culture in the near future. Well, should the producers of the Fast and Furious has ran out of ideas for their next movie, I think they should know where to look at.

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