Modifying your rides to be more powerful has always been fun. There are different methods to stuff in a little more ponies into your car. Some exhaust and extractor upgrade will give additional 10 HP. More power usually means more money to spend; how about turbocharging or supercharging? To strengthen your car’s rigidity, get strut bars. Want go around corners faster? Get performance adjustable suspensions. Well you can see the list can go on to make your basic hatchback into a WRC spec machine.

But if I mention radiators into the modification list, many will stare blankly back at me. But be honest, I’m one of the many who think “ehh?” when it comes to modifying your radiators in your quest for more power for your car. Try playing Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsports and I highly doubt there’s an option to modify radiators to shed 1-2 seconds in your car. However, if you own a performance car, underestimating a performance radiator at your prevail as doing that is like driving a turbocharged engine in an Perodua Kancil with stock brakes.

Even Malaysia’s top drifter, Ser Ming Hui, uses Forged Racing Radiators while on sideways

Radiators are essentially used as a cooling system for the engine as it transfers heat from one medium to another. Coolant is filled into radiators so that the it will pass though the engine block, then cools down as it circulates through the radiator tubes to the opposite tank. The cold coolant is fed back to the engine, and the cycle repeats. So when it comes to performance cars, the higher the engine power the more heat it generates, and that is really true for turbocharged engines. Hence a stronger radiator is needed to transfer out the heat so that the engine can perform smoothly. With that, for performance vehicles or sport cars, we can’t think nothing but to recommend radiators from Forged Racing.

Forged Racing Radiators

Forged Racing has been in the aftermarket radiators for quite a number of years, and currently it is a choice of radiators for many street drivers, racers and competitive drifters. The company is based in United States but the manufacturing is located at Malaysia, where the heat and humidity of this Asian country is a perfect place to carry out research, test and develop high performance radiators that can withstand tremendous heat. This is essential in motor racing where, when the engine develops a lot of stress, it requires efficient cooling system so the engine will not overheat when running in high speed and heat. This is where Forged Racing specially designed aluminum radiators comes into the picture, providing greater heat transfer using the same or less space required for traditional copper/brass components.

Their current product list includes high end intercoolers kit, aluminum radiators and radiator coolants, ranging for vehicles from BMWs, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and even our local marques like Proton and Perodua. There are more aftermarket radiators for other marque in the coming future too.

At Hanzo Racing, we offer a variety of Forged Racing radiators. More car models to come but feel free to contact us at Facebook for inquiries and pricing!

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