I remembered watching this action flick from a VCR almost 13 years ago. This 1995 Jackie Chan’s action movie featuring car racing, in which he plays a racing car driver who’s fighting the main antagonist on the track. Interestingly, there are a few interesting facts about this movie. This is among the earliest movie made on car racing way back before the Fast and the Furious series. This also features many sports cars from Japan, when performance cars from the land of the rising sun was gaining popularity in the mid 90’s.

Yes, there are Japanese race queens in this movie!

You will see cars from Japanese touring car competition (that’s way before the Super GT!) like the Nissan Skyline GTR 32-33, Toyota Supra, MR2, Levin, Nissan Silvia, Mazda RX7, Honda Integra DC2 and most importantly the Mitsubishi Evo 3, FTO and the GTO which were used on Jackie Chan’s last racing scene. Do note that Mitsubishi is part of Jackie Chan’s endorsement brands, as we can see there are plenty of Mitsubishi cars in his movies.

Interestingly for Malaysians is, this movie was short partially in Malaysia where the now defunct race track, Batu Tiga in Shah Alam, was used to shoot some of the race scenes. Better known as “Dead Heat” in the United States, this is in fact a very absurd racing movie if compared by today’s standards. I just completed the whole movie and to be honest, I got a constant mindf**k watching the entire 20 minutes of the racing scene. From fast forward cars that made these touring cars even faster than F1, into unbelievable crashes that only happen if Physics does not exist in that world. Not forgetting seeing racing cars span out like they were driven by monkeys and overtaking scenes alike Gran Turismo video game on the easiest difficulty. The word uncanny is an huge understatement here.

Here’s a drifting GTR!

Yes, this racing car believed it can fly!

If this happened in today’s racing, we will get instant red flag (means stop the race) in the first 2 minutes otherwise there will be blood bath (take a look at the later scenes on the race and you understand why!). I could have written a 1000 words article ranting on this illogical race scenes but that is pointless. Consider this a mind blowing fun movie to watch, if you can accept movie logic unlike what we see today.

You can catch the entire race scene towards the end here. Do note this is taken from the dubbed version of the movie. If you got the patience to watch the entire movie, you can actually find it on Youtube.

I do hope you do enjoy these videos and seeing JDM cars racing like the old days, but unfortunately, this was what I did when the credits rolled.

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