This is presumably the first documented crash of a Scion FR-S. This white and wrecked Scion FR-S belongs to a member of the FT86 Club forum in the States, ‘Neutral’ as his nickname.

The owner posted these pictures and explained what happened to his precious FR-S. The accident happened when he was taking a right turn when he lost control at about 32km/h and ended up smashing into a telephone pole. Ouch! At 32km/h? How did that happen?

The 24-year old owner said, “I entered the turn at about 20mph, and halfway through it, I got on the gas and I honestly can’t remember exactly what happened after that”, because the traction control was turned off. Luckily, the driver and his coworker were unhurt.

This remorseful young driver also said, “I want you guys to know that I truly feel awful about the whole thing. I am truly sorry for letting my fellow FR-S owners down, and through making a complete ass out of myself, I feel I’ve learned a valuable lesson, albeit a hard one.”

We feel you Neutral! Just a reminder, remember to leave the traction control alone.

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