I’m sure everyone is aware of the tender result for ‘WWW’ number plate. The highest bid for ‘WWW 1’ went to Sultan Johor at a whopping RM520k! It surpassed the country’s previous record set by the number plate ‘MCA 1’ of RM300k. Many commented that it’s not a wise move for a Sultan to spend so much money on just a number plate, but I would spare my comment on this matter.

I’ve came to know that Sultan Johor decided to put his number plate on a national car, and guess what? (well, not that you have to guess considering if you’ve read the title) ‘WWW 1’ on a Proton Satria Neo! Not sure if it’s a normal variant or somekind of Satria Neo that Proton Motorsport built for Sultan Johor, but it’s still a Satria Neo! RM520k on a RM57k car is not quite logical, isn’t it? A Proton Preve or Inspira should be the better candidate if feeling patriotic.

I hope this is just a temporary move by Sultan Johor, it’s only justifiable if the RM520k number plate is placed on a car which is more expensive than the price tag!

Written by Simon Har

A number plate worth dying for, and for half a million, only to be placed on a car 10% of the number plate’s price…

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