The recently concluded Super GT weekend in Sepang F1 International Circuit saw the unstoppable domination from last year’s GT500 winner of Sepang, Weider Honda HSV and Hankook Porsche for the GT300. Both cars qualified first in their classes and ruled the race from start to finish. The 2 hour race saw 15 cars from GT500 and 21 cars from GT300 battled for supremacy in the 5.5km tarmac in the hot and humid Sepang circuit.

The domination of Weider Honda HSV continues!

The lighting fast pace from the Weider Honda HSV, driven by the Japanese and Dutch combination of Takashi Kogure & Carlo Van Dam, set a massive distance from the trail runners, with carrying 12 kg of weight handicap which works on their advantage. They were followed closely by the ZENT Cerumo Lexus SC430 of Yuji Tachikawa & Kohei Hirate which were impressive despite carrying a much heftier 46kg of weight handicap, and finished the race on second place. Third place was won by ENEOS Lexus SC430 team of Daisuke Ito and Kazuya Oshima.

Flame splitting Motul GTR

GTR has turned into fire splitting dragons!

Just like in today’s F1, conserving tyres is the name of the game and the Weider drivers did very well, which bought them into a well deserved victory. Tyre management in this track is vital as displayed by a few cars in GT500. The D’station Advan GT-R has suffered from blown tyres due to the hot track surface and caused the only retirement of the GT500 class. S Road’s GT-R and Petronas’ SC430 were the biggest casualties of the race when the GTR tyres exploded, got lost control and rammed into the poor SC430, putting both of them out with 9 laps to go, but still classified as finishers.

This Porsche is too strong in GT300

In the GT300, the Hankook Porsche destroyed competitiors with the smooth sailing but fast driving of Masami Kageyama and Tomonobu Fujii, leaving the second placed car of ENDLESS Taisan Porsche at a blistering 25 seconds. European supremacy displayed on the GT300 with the Aston Martin car from triple a vantage GT3 secured third place. Sadly for the local crowd, the wildcard entry of ThunderAsia’s Mosler MT900 ended at lap 28 when the struggling Mosler decided to gave up.

The struggling Mosler was sadly out from the race

Porsche from ENDLESS TAISAN finished a strong second place in GT300

The Corvette in GT300. Wonder how this car can cope with half the engine’s ponies?

The next race Round 4 will be held at Sugo in a month’s time or so. Meanwhile, we have been in the Super GT weekend and I can tell that for this year’s event, well slightly uneventful race aside, this has been the best Super GT event held in Malaysia and I shall later explain further on my visit to Sepang last Sunday as a normal spectator. We will plan a three part installment on the Super GT coverage and here the part one on the race report. The next one will be the anticipated picture gallery!

Congratulations to Weider team!

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