The Super GT race is back in Malaysia this weekend as Sepang International Circuit hosts the Round 3 of 2012 Super GT!The race series that needs no introduction features hot exotic machines and glamorous GT Race Queens from Japan come to the only foreign country of the Super GT series to race two hours in the hot and challenging tarmac of Sepang.

We believe you should get you and your family and friends to drive down to Sepang to catch this excitement. Here are our five good reasons why.

Reason 1. This is indeed one of the most interesting Grand Touring (GT) race on this planet.
We don’t get much Grand Touring (GT) races in Asia and Malaysia, but having the Super GT in this part of Asia does spice up our motorsports arena here. This is the only GT race series which divides cars into two categories, the GT500 and GT300, which can be differentiated by the engine’s horsepower (GT300 is for cars with 300HP and GT500 for 500HP). The top three manufacturers from Japan: Toyota (via Lexus), Honda and Nissan, participate in the GT500 with their top machines in the GT500 class, while many smaller privateer teams and European manufacturers join the GT300, making the GT300 one of the most competitive GT races in the world despite the horsepower disparity.

The insanely fast and loud GT500’s Honda HSV-10

It is a little strange seeing GT300 spec cars like the Ferrari 458, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 and Porsche 911 GT3, which have about 500-600HP when racing in FIA’s GT1 World Championship and many endurance races around the world, to halve their potential power when racing in the GT300. I admit it is odd seeing the GT500’s Lexus SC430 overtakes the Ferari 458 from the GT300 frequently during the Super GT races. However, apart from the seemed “outdated” rules, the beauty of the Super GT is they allow extreme modification on the chassis and heavy emphasis on the car’s aerodynamics while retaining the car’s original shape. That is why a typical GT500 car can outclass the DTM or a GT3 category car from other form of GT motorsports.

Last year’s GT300 winner, a BMW Z4

Think hybrids are boring? Think again as new to GT300 this year is the inclusion of hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and Honda CRZ, although the latter will be entering the race by Round 4, so we can only see what supposed to be the fastest Prius in the world this weekend in Sepang.

Fastest Prius in the world?

Reason 2. Malaysian Wild card entry is here!
Apart from entries of mostly Japanese and so Westerner drivers, Malaysians should be trilled with the local presence with the wild card entry from Thunder Asia Racing Team, led by Malaysian driver, Fairuz Fauzy and his Japanese counterpart Hikori Yoshida in a Mosler MT900m. Fairuz Fauzy, the former single seater driver who once selected as the test driver for the Renault F1 team, will be the sole Malaysian driver in this race, piloting the Mosler in the GT300 class.

The Mosler MT900m from Thunder Asia Racing Team

“It’s always an honour to represent Malaysia on the international stage. The Super GT is something new and exciting which will enable us to challenge ourselves. We certainly look forward to putting on a good show for our community,” stated Fairuz Fauzy.

Apart from that, Malaysia’s oil giant,Petronas, who has sponsored the Toms Lexus GT500 team for many years, should provide joy to the local fans especially if the car made it into the podium.

Reason 3. Plenty of offtrack activities
JPM Motorsports has been running this event for the third year in a row and their second year as the full organizer to bring the Super GT series to Malaysia. Learning lessons from last year, they have pumped up a lot of side activities from rave parties, Finest and Rarest Automotive Collections, an Akihabara Town with authentic Japanese look and feel, filled with gadgets and the finals of the Playstation Gran Turismo 5 SUPER GT Cup Tournament will be held at the event. Visitors can enjoy a weekend long carnival of musical performances both on and off stage, interviews with the handsome and talented drivers who will be accompanied by their beautiful race queens. This event is meant for all walks of life, and there is something for everyone!

You can have fun in the PS3 driving Super GT cars!

Also to be held on this year’s side event is Extreme Street Dance Competition by 40 dance teams from various colleges in Klang Valley and Penang to showcase their astounding dance choreography. The top two teams will be battling on the center stage to be judged by the international judges, Jr Boogaloo (USA) and Shay Normann (UK).

Rave parties and street performance as part of the off track activities

JPM Motorsports has gone all out to make this year’s Super GT race in Malaysia a success, and pending for another contract renew to bring Super GT in Malaysia after this year’s race.

Reason 4. The GT Queens
Need to say more?

Reason 5. Reason 1 to 4 are simply irresistible!

Anyway, Hanzo AutoBuzz will have a team this weekend at Sepang, as our resident photographers Eric Lim and Woay Chee will be taking snapshots of track action and race queen, while myself will be there as a spectator. Expect a race report and picture gallery by next week. Until then, and with my 5 good reasons given, please make Super GT a success in Malaysia by coming to Sepang this weekend! Well, Reason 4 might make you draw out your RM100 from your pocket!

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