Limited edition cars are usually special made cars that stand out from the rest, and it should be made in “limited” quantity. Ferrari and Lamborghini understand this well with the limited edition exotics like the Enzo, 599 GTO, Reventon and so on. Even Subaru knows how to make limited edition units of the Imprezza variants. Limited edition cars should be valuable and desirable, and due to the high demand of specially made or tuned vehicles, the supply has to be limited hence it can fetch the premium pricing and value.

The car shown in this piece of news, while it does fulfill the criteria for limited quantities, it is the exact opposite for the quality and the rest. Don’t even bother mentioning the word desirable.

Dafaq is this????

Malaysia’s biggest compact car maker, Perodua and together with alloy rims maker, Wolfrace Design, have joined hands to create a ten unit only limited edition units of the Perodua Myvi Wolfrace Design. After 7 months of designing, planning and sleepless nights, they only managed to make limited edition Myvi, with added rims and decals, only. I can do that in less than one day in Sunway for that. So another proven example of the great fall of the British motoring industry?

This ten-unit-only car with color choices of Ebony Black and Medallion Grey, will have 17-inch Wolfrace Brooklands rims. Along the car body lies the sliver & red graphics pack, which includes stripes on the sides of the car with checkered flags, as well as multiple Wolfrace Design emblems.

Limited edition cars usually has specially made interiors or specially tuned engines and this Perodua Myvi Wolfrace design has none of those. Standard features for this car including air conditioning, four electric windows, electrically adjustable door mirrors, power steering, integrated radio/CD player and others.

It shouldn’t be limited, it shouldn’t be made in the first place

Starts at 8,000 pounds, with additional 1,000 pounds for leather seats option, this may be the cheapest limited edition car on sale in the UK. Mind you the Myvi in the UK is the per face lift model, in which the Myvi was face lifted in Malaysia in 2008. Yet, Myvi has been replaced with a newer generation in 2011 and strangely there are no plans to bring the newer Myvi in the UK. Seriously our friends from the UK don’t deserve this shit car.

This is by far the saddest limited edition car in the world. Seven months of executive meetings, planning in CAD and drawing boards, countless sweat building and testing a limited edition car, only to be found this type of crap can be done in one day at any car accessories shop. Even it made Picard reacted like the picture below.

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