Somewhere in the UK, in a village of Northumberland, if you appear to be driving or speeding on the main road through West Mickley, you must have seen a few interesting scarecrows. There’s one that looks like a typical British policeman uniform with high visibility jacket, toy helmet and a hairdryer attached to look like a speed gun.

Fed up with the rising number of speeding cars in the village, Christopher Hodgkinson decided he has enough, so as the villagers. Hence what villagers he decided to do is to put scarecrows, and putting faces of famous celebrities on the scarecrows. This particular one has Christopher’s favorite, Top Gear’s host Jeremy Clarkson!

Jeremy Clarkson decides to join the police force!

Hey you, slow down!

This has made many drivers slowed down and have a look at the amusing figure while driving in the village roads. Other scarecrows include a mermaid, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

So did the “Clarkson” scarecrow work? Yes it did, as what a stranger said when passing by the area “He must be realistic because I slowed right down yesterday when I saw it.” For efforts by the villagers to stop speeding drivers and hence improving safe driving, even Clarkson agrees with the Meme here.


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