There used to be 77 ultra-rare of Aston Martin One-77 roaming the face of this planet, now there are only 76 left thanks to a crash that took place in Hong Kong recently. This £1.4m masterpiece is believed to be the first for a One-77 to suffer such severe damage.

It’s unclear how the crash happened and who’s at fault. However, it’s said that the owner is from Shenzhen, China. The owner only recently took delivery of the car, as it was recently spotted in Kowloon, Hong Kong with a temporary license plate.

The structural core of the 700-horsepower One-77 is a lightweight and very rigid carbon fiber monocoque, which is extremely expensive to produce. If damaged badly, it may be considered totaled. What’s worse is, this particular One-77 might not been registered or even insured yet. Ouch!

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