Last weekend was the trilling Formula One race in Spain where surprise winner, Pastor Madonaldo, won the trilling Spanish Grand Prix, which bought struggling team Williams F1 into their first victory since 2004. Barely 90 minutes after the Venezuelan drove home his Williams in first place, the team was celebrating in their pit garage when out of sudden an electrical short circuit from the KERS unit of Bruno Senna’s car, sparked fire and blown the fuel rig inside the pits.

Williams F1 first victory in eight years. How all things changed 90 minutes later

This has caused a major fire inside the pit garage, prompting everyone to cut off their celebrations and evacuate. The team members and some members from the rival teams came to put down the fire under control, with the help of the track fire and rescue staffs. Team boss Sir Frank Williams, confined in wheel chair and aged 70, was in the garage at the time and was fortunately wheeled away, while Venezuelan Maldonado had to carry his young cousin Manuel Maldonado, who has injured his ankle during the fire, out of the garage.

Havoc emerges

Pastor carrying his cousin Manuel, out of the pit garage fire. From hero to superhero!

Team boss Sir Frank Williams was evacuated safety from the fire

In the end, 31 people were treated in the track’s medical center, with one from Williams being treated for severe burns and was sent to hospital, while the rest came from slight injuries, smoke inhalation, respiratory issues and so on. The cause of the fire is still under investigation but the fire has destroyed many of the team’s valuable equipment. Thankfully no lives were lost and it’s great seeing team members from the rival teams came and help each other here.

It was an roller coaster ride of emotions for everyone in the Williams team on the usually dull Spanish circuit. Just wondering if Alonso did start the fire after losing to Maldonaldo who drove brilliantly in this race. Or should be Michael Schumacher who might have sabotaged the Williams garage after crashing with Maldonaldo’s team mate Bruno Senna in the race.

Huge smoke emerges from the track!

Selfless act from members of rival teams helping to control the fire

Members of Mercedes F1 team struggling to help out putting down the fire

The aftermath. The fire may have caused by KERS unit shortcircuit from Senna’s car

Here the video from Sky/BBC F1 coverage for your viewing:

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